Since 1939 Minelli company has worked in the artistic crafts field for the production, restoration, gilding, painting of antique furniture with competence and experience.

The Minelli bros Marcello and Vincenzo have established it that is now enriched by the presence of their children and grandchildren.

From classic to contemporary furniture our production is based on a continuous reserach of the past techniques, on the experimentation of the old methods to create colours, on the recory of wood, iron, old nails. Alongside there is also a skilled craftmanship, a high aesthetic sensitivity and a deep culture.

All our creations strictly follow the original work processes that are the choice of wood, the design and manufacture stage, the inlay, tha carving, the painting, the gilding and the polishing. Thank to all those procedures our products are unique of their kind.

Our artefacts cover different artistic fileds, from the furniture for large public buildings to that for churches and monasteries, from aristocratic residences to luxurious hotels, from wooden choirs to portals, from altars to theater (XVIII century). Not forgetting the reproduction of the famous marquetry of Federico from Montefeltro’s Studiolo whose original is exhibited at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.