We have developed considerable expertise in our job for a long time. So we can produce a wide variety of furniture and other decor items (frames, chandeliers, mirrors, appliques, candlesticks,…) that we diversify with regard to manufacturing and stylistic techniques in connection with the right time references.

All our production is faithful to the models from the XV to the XX cent. . It is a part of a productive process where the technique of wood in-lay, polishing, painting, lacqueringare are executed by highly qualified artisans.

The love for art, beauty and for our job allows us to provide our customers with ideas, suggestions, projects to furnish their homes and rooms and to make functional both the resored furniture and the rebuilt one.

We do all with the competence, willingness, humbleness of people who pay great attention to the taste and needs of the customer and his experts. That is because our aim is to come to the definition of a kind of furnishing that can be made with the full conviction of the person who will use and live i