The furniture production is completely made in our workshop. It pays attention to the models of the ancient tradition. The past artisans have bequeated to us the expert craftmanship we now use in our reproductions.

We design each piece of furniture with care and accuracy. We utilize spruce fir or poplar wood for frames, bottoms, tops and precious woods, mainly walnut, for boxes, panels, pillars, stands, frames.

Some parts can have carved or inlaid elements when the style requires them.

The finishing is an important stage too. It consists of different processes, as hand planing, polishing, coating using oils and tires. Those methods make a piece of furniture ready for the final polishing. It is different for every style.

We use beewax and other essences for the XVII century furniture. Instead we polish using a pad with shellac compound, alcohol, straw oil for the XVIII century furniture.

Our furniture is very accurate down to the smallest details. It is attractive for its elegamce, proportion, refinement of details. It expresses the love and the passion with wich it is created. It owns the charm of the unique piece.